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Cyprus Weather
Spring comes early in Cyprus and is a lovely time to visit to see the green areas and beautiful flowers. Temperatures in the daytime range between 20 and 27 degrees with lots of sunshine. Spring is a great time for sightseeing and touring before the temperatures become very high during the Summer months.

Stretching from mid May to mid October, Summer in Cyprus brings high temperatures, cloudless skies and cool breezes from the sea. The island's proximity to southwest Asia makes it one of the hottest parts of the Mediterranean and there is virtually no rain during this period. Temperatures range between 27 and 36 degrees.
Autumn brings cooler evenings and the landscape begins to change with the leaves turning to reds and golds. During the day, it still feels like summer with temperatures during October and November ranging between 19 and 26 degrees.

December and January is winter with the possibility of rain but still with an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day. There can be pleasant temperatures, sometimes reaching 20 degrees but there are occasional lows of 15 degrees. Up in the Troodos mountain region, snow falls on the mountains and the skiing season begins.

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