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As a property developer in the Paphos (Pafos) area of Cyprus, Fine Homes Ltd is a company that offers a variety of options for our clients who wish to build their own new home in Cyprus, to make improvements or additions to their existing homes or to develop land for commercial premises. Whether looking to purchase a plot of land, or to build a house from one of our own designs or the complete package of designing and building a home or commercial premises to your specification, we will help and support you through the process with ultimate professionalism and care.

Prior to commencing on any project, Fine Homes will discuss fully with our clients, their specific needs, expectations and budget limitations. We are committed to prompt and reliable completion and delivery of your new home, working only with highly experienced and licenced contractors and professionals.

Homebuilding - Specialist Areas

Fine Homes are committed to building the best, using only quality materials and workmanship.
The single most important factor for our company is to address all of the concerns raised by our clients with regards to property construction in Cyprus.

Our commitment to building top quality homes includes very specific attention to the issues of damp. Many properties in Cyprus, including some newly built ones, do or will suffer from problems of this nature. We believe that investing in the very best specialist materials during the construction process is a hugely beneficial investment for our clients for future years. 

Sewerage and Plumbing
This being another area of concern for many homeowners in Cyprus, we will commit to investing in the very best materials and workmanship to ensure that our clients do not suffer in future years from underinvestment or rushed work in this very important area of the build.

Fine Homes properties include air conditioning/heating as per the property specification supplied and installed. This will not be, as is generally standard, an ‘extra’ cost to the client.

We don’t believe that it is cost effective for our clients for us to use inferior quality materials in finishing which will only have to be replaced at a later stage. From our door handles to our taps, only quality materials are used as standard and will not be an ‘extra’ cost to the client.

Client Services
We believe that you, the client, should be involved as much or as little as you feel you want to be regarding the building of your home. We will include you every step of the way with regards to your needs for your home. If you are not in Cyprus during the build process we will maintain constant contact, producing regular progress reports – including digital photographs - of how your home is progressing. It is of utmost importance to us that our clients are able to put their trust in us to feel secure in the knowledge that their investment is being protected. Being a  small, local company, we are able to offer an accessible, personal service to our clients before, during and after the project has been completed.
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